Fine Diner Festive Market

Indulge in the holiday spirit at our Christmas Market! Explore our delectable offerings, from mouthwatering full turkey roast dinners to festive cheese boards and delightful afternoon teas. Join us for a season of joy and culinary delights

Delivery Time

Roasts: 24 Hours Pre-order

Afternoon Tea and Cheese Boards:
60 - 120 mins

Resturant Location

Business Bay / Barsha Heights / Barsha South

Operating Days


Festive Roasts

Festive Roasted Turkey 7-8KG (Served with 1500g of Roasted Potatoes, 1000g of Roasted Carrots, 500g of Green Peas, 16 Yorkshire Puddings, 16 Stuffing Balls, 500ml of gravy and 250ml of Cranberry Sauce)
from Dhs. 749.00
Festive Roasted Turkey 5-6KG (Served with 1000g of Roasted Potatoes, 500g of Roasted Carrots, 500g of Green Peas, 8 Yorkshire Puddings, 8 Stuffing Balls, 500ml of gravy and 250ml of Cranberry Sauce.)
from Dhs. 599.00
Festive Prime Rib-eye Roast 1KG - 1.1KG
from Dhs. 539.00

Festive Tea & Cheese Delights

Festive Cheese Board
Dhs. 210.00
Festive Afternoon Tea
Dhs. 189.00

Festive Sides

Roasted Potatoes (V)
from Dhs. 18.00
Roasted Carrots (V)
from Dhs. 16.00
Brussels Sprouts (V)
Dhs. 28.00
Green Peas (V)
from Dhs. 13.00
Fine Diner Mashed Potatoes (V)
from Dhs. 17.00
Stuffing Balls (V)
from Dhs. 12.00
Yorkshire Pudding (V)
from Dhs. 8.00
Cauliflower Cheese (V)
from Dhs. 21.00
Roasted Parsnips
from Dhs. 20.00

Festive Canape Selection

Chicken Liver Parfait Brioche
from Dhs. 15.00
Blue Cheese Paired With Nuts on Soft Bread
from Dhs. 14.00
Festive Smoked Salmon Rosemary and Cucumber on Soft White Bread
from Dhs. 15.00
Crab Salad
from Dhs. 25.00
Festive Smoked Turkey Sandwich With Cranberries
from Dhs. 15.00

Festive Desserts & Sweet Treats

Sticky Toffee Pudding (V)
from Dhs. 28.00
Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble (V)(N)
from Dhs. 35.00
Chocolate Festive Christmas Yule Log (500g)
Dhs. 110.00
Vanilla Festive Christmas Yule Log (500g)
Dhs. 110.00
Mince Pies
from Dhs. 15.00
Ginger Cookies
from Dhs. 15.00
Monte Bianco
from Dhs. 15.00
Chocolate Yule logs
from Dhs. 15.00