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Become a part of the Fine Diner experience.

We work with the finest chefs in town to bring home a fine dining experience. Pairing up with the best to bring you the best, we work with our chefs to prep, cook package, and deliver the perfect meal.

Before the meal is ready to sit at your dining room table, we need to know what you’d like for dinner. We present you with three individual three-course dinner options to choose from, including one vegetarian and two non-vegetarian options. These meals include a range of many cuisines, from Brazilian Cuisine to Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Thai Cuisine the most exquisite Middle Eastern cuisine, and more.

Once you’ve curated your three-course menu, and informed us what time you’d like your three-course delivered, it’s over to us to bring it all together while you set the table, put on your best shoes, play our fine diner playlist, and get ready to dine at home in style.

  • positive review  This is Amazing- I wanted to surprise my husband with something different tonight, & this was it. Incredible food, service, delivery, packaging, all of it! Hubby was shocked that it was delivered & kept saying “we have to do this again soon”! My teenager then tasted mine & ate half :)! This tics ALL boxes- family at home, elegant presentation, delicious REAL food, delivered, and at a great price. Great Job- FINE DINER.

    Melanie Lutz Turner Avatar Melanie Lutz Turner
    September 17, 2020

    positive review  We saw a recommendation for the food on Fine Diner in Best Bites Dubai, and I decided to order the Indian Menu for my husband and I to give it a try. It was soooo delicious!!!! We devoured it all and everything was delicious 😋 Also at 80aed PP it was a steal for a full three course menu with Naan included !

    Nahid Khatib Khoury Avatar Nahid Khatib Khoury
    September 15, 2020

    positive review  This was a great find. It's normally difficult to get most things delivered due to the area we live in. But Fine Diner went above and beyond to deliver a very tasty and hot meal for us. The food were packaged perfectly and the driver arrived as per the time scheduled. We ordered the Roast Dinner and it did not disappoint. We will surely be ordering more regularly.

    Ziona Deacon Ferreira Avatar Ziona Deacon Ferreira
    September 6, 2020
  • positive review  Food was delicious and the whole experienced was amazing. We ordered 5 different meals from Italian, Surf n Turf and Rio Grande menus. Overall, we had great experience from ordering till the food was delivered. We will definitely order again.

    Beeling Yap Avatar Beeling Yap
    September 5, 2020

    positive review  Amazing experience. Shakahari menu was very yum. Well fine dine experience.. nice presentation. Should add chocolate dessert in the menu

    Umesh Nihalani Avatar Umesh Nihalani
    September 4, 2020

    positive review  We had the roast beef menu last week and the Indian vegetarian three course menu last night. Both delicious - the roast beef was everything tasty and comforting that a roast dinner should be. The Indian meal last night was awesome - starters were light and so full of flavour and beautifully presented; the mains were a feast and our only complaint for the deserts was that we couldn’t finish them. Particularly like the playlist provided to set the mood for each meal - a small touch that makes such a nice difference. We will definitely order again - highly recommended.

    Victoria Frost Avatar Victoria Frost
    August 15, 2020
  • positive review  A movie night with Fine Diner turned out to be a feast. Meals were awesome with good portions at very reasonable price 👌 We had Thai Food last night. We ordered a number of options and all of them came out great. The food was very flavorful with right mix of spices. The best part is I didnt find it to be heavy. Highly recommended!

    Waheed Ahmed Avatar Waheed Ahmed
    July 31, 2020

    positive review  Just ordered from the Thai food menu and it was delicious! Perfectly plated and still hot! It felt like I was eating at a 5 star restaurant. The movie recommendation that came in the email was a very nice add on as well. Will definitely order more and cannot wait to see what this company will create in the future.

    Jimmy Takieddine Avatar Jimmy Takieddine
    July 30, 2020

    positive review  Hi Sami Visually the 3 course meal felt very special in their respective packaging! I loved the beet salad, very refreshing. The lamb was succulent, but the rice took my breath away. We were all fighting over the portions after the first bite!!. So flavourful The carrot cake was the piece de resistance! Cheesecake was good too but we usually make the nobake variety. Which tastes yummy. The cheese samosas were nice, but I thoroughly enjoyed the salad better. Thats for the playlist too. Overall it was a lovely experience

    Pearl Correia Avatar Pearl Correia
    July 30, 2020
  • positive review  Had a really yummy meal on Tuesday evening, very good quality, delivered on time and tasted fantastic. Good value for a 3 course meal @ home. Keep up the good work!

    Danny Thomas Avatar Danny Thomas
    July 30, 2020

    positive review  This evenings Thai Prawn Red curry was 👌🏻magnificent, a sensory smell & taste sensation 🙌🏻 Piquant lingering flavors & taste😋 Thanks guys, this is indeed highly recommended And the coconut dumplings, superb😋😋 My compliments to the chefs

    Craig Stewart Avatar Craig Stewart
    July 29, 2020

    positive review  So... this little gem just flashed up randomly on my Facebook. I connected with Sami, who talked to me about various menus that are prepared daily. I ordered a 3 course meal for 75dhs that will feed me for 2 meals. The flavours are comforting and delicious. They remind me of food my nana used to make. Wholesome, delicious, comforting and delightful. Plus, delivered to my front door. Dubai is so full of fast food and over price richness. In these times, I throughly enjoyed a peaceful, beautifully cooked meal which warmed my heart. It even came with a delightful music play list that was emailed to me. So thoughtful. I really am excited about where this little company will go. Do give them a try ♡

    Lynda Intaj Hassan Avatar Lynda Intaj Hassan
    July 28, 2020
  • positive review  Excellent experience!!! It is not only about the quality of the food, but the experience starts at the delivery that comes on time, about the presentation of meal, about the playlist that is recommended to listen to during the dinner, and about the board game that comes together! We lived a fine restaurant experience at home!!!

    Marcelo Fabris Vidal Avatar Marcelo Fabris Vidal
    July 14, 2020

    positive review  I ordered the 3 course dinner last Thursday, and I was simply super impressed! from the packing to the presentation to the taste - everything was super good! my husband is not an easy person to impress with food, and he loved it too! overall, I'd give them 10 out of 5, and definitely recommend the food! super duper like! 🙂 special shout-out to Sami from the team, who was very helpful with my order. 🙂

    Vidhi Ahuja Gopaal Avatar Vidhi Ahuja Gopaal
    July 11, 2020

    positive review  This is the second night in a row that we have ordered from fine diner and can I say it just gets better! We have eaten at many fine dining establishments over the years but I have to say that the quality of food and taste is second to none. Tonight as a dessert we both selected the chocolate cake, and my husband commented that it was the best chocolate cake he had eaten. Now coming from an American that is very very high praise indeed!

    Gillian Haines Avatar Gillian Haines
    July 10, 2020
  • positive review  I had the Saturday roast last week and it was delicious. It was a perfect roast dinner, especially when you’re missing home (England). The meat just fell apart and all the trimmings were included. It all tasted so good. One comment is that I’d love more gravy but really not an issue. I highly recommend trying it. Even better when you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

    Natasha Owen Avatar Natasha Owen
    July 9, 2020

    positive review  First time ordering and definitely will not be the last. The food was amazing, arrived hot (hotter than it does in most restaurants actually), it all tasted and looked amazing! Not to mention it arrived during my stated slot 😀 amazing value for money I can’t wait to order again!! I didn’t even have time to put it on proper cutlery was it looked so nice! Didn’t take a photo of the brownie purely because I forgot as I was excited to start eating it. Amazing!

    Corrie Ann Avatar Corrie Ann
    June 27, 2020

    positive review  An absolute bliss, enjoyed every bit of the great Date Night/Steak Night 🤩 Meals were over before we could take pictures and service was grandiose. Definitely recommend the Alcatra steak, and make sure your play the playlist attached in the email 🥰

    Iman Eddbali Avatar Iman Eddbali
    June 25, 2020
  • positive review  We love Fine Diner, we make sure to order at least once a week. The staff members and the delivery are super friendly and provide great service. The experience with Fine Diner is definitely something new, if you're looking for a fancy date night at home, at the same time budget friendly, make sure to order from Fine Diner. If I had one word to describe their limited menu food, I'd choose UTOPIAN ❤️ PS: - If you're around Dubai Marina: go ahead and try their Fattet Humus, Seafood Marinra, and all their salads. - If you're around Downtown: make sure to try the Indian Dégustation Dinner, it's to die for.

    BaNa Bataineh Avatar BaNa Bataineh
    June 24, 2020

    positive review  I'm ordering regularly as the value for money and service are great. The portion sizes are very generous and I'd highly recommend the pasta dishes.

    Tom Day Avatar Tom Day
    June 23, 2020

    positive review  I happened across the advert on FB last week. I usually dislike ads, but this one was compelling. Fine Diner sent a very polite, “How can I help you” message, and I requested a menu. I then planned a surprise dine-in date night for Sat. I loved it! The food was great, beautifully packed, and carefully delivered. I enjoyed the whole sense of “event” fostered by Fine Diner. They really put forth a lot of effort to make the dinner special; something you don’t typically experience ordering delivery food, and I liked the limited nightly menu. Definitely recommend.

    Michael Walter Avatar Michael Walter
    June 21, 2020
  • positive review  While i was randomly scrolling my Facebook feed- i came across an advt by finediner and decided to try them out. Love the whole concept of a curated 3 course meal that includes appetizer, main course and a dessert - delivered right at your doorstep. Their menu has good options to choose for each category and caters to both vegetarian and non vegetarian preferences. The food arrived on time basis the schedule i had chosen. We were really happy with the presentation of the food - especially since it was a home delivery Loved the food and were properly filled up by the time we finished the mains. Had to give it sometime to get onto the desserts 🙂 Would definitely recommend trying them out to make your weekend night extra special.

    Minella D'souza Avatar Minella D'souza
    June 20, 2020

    positive review  I have used Fine Diner a few times so far and they never fail to satisfy. The food delivered is fresh and warm like it is supposed to be. The nice thing about it is that we can order gourmet dinner right to the house. It is a 3-course meal for the same price as most restaurants in Dubai, so its a no brainer. I highly recommend. Try the Umm Ali, it’s delicious!

    Mazen Khalil Avatar Mazen Khalil
    June 17, 2020

    positive review  Love the Dinner ,it is so amazing (Y)

    Tarek Ali El Temamy Avatar Tarek Ali El Temamy
    June 17, 2020
  • positive review  I have fine diner once a week or so. Brilliant food, good portion size, timing spot on and great value for money. Highly recommend!

    Daniel Wood Avatar Daniel Wood
    June 17, 2020

    positive review  Usually on a weekend, I would treat my kids and self to a gourmet dining experience. With the C-19 situation, that changed. I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction so it was no surprise when I received a little invitation to try out this experience. It was amazing. The food was delectable. The delivery was prompt. Presentation was pretty good considering it came to our door and the added touch of a playlist to add ambiance was just awesome. I made the kids pretend we were going out so we got dressed up and thoroughly enjoyed every morsel. The desserts were just out of this world too. Oh did I tell you about the price? Extremely reasonable and most of all it was fantastic value for money. Thank you Sammy and the fine diner team for bringing this new dining experience to us. Bon appetit!

    Mary Rose Chambers Avatar Mary Rose Chambers
    June 14, 2020
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