Gather your friends and family around the perfect roast dinner, ideal for having a few of your closest persons over or having a full on dinner party, Yorkshire Pudding Stuffing Balls Mashed Potatoes Green Peas Brussels Sprouts Roasted Carrots Roasted Potatoes

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Roasted Potatoes (V)
from Dhs. 18.00
Roasted Carrots (V)
from Dhs. 16.00
Brussels Sprouts (V)
Dhs. 28.00
Green Peas (V)
from Dhs. 13.00
Fine Diner Mashed Potatoes (V)
from Dhs. 17.00
Stuffing Balls (V)
from Dhs. 12.00
Yorkshire Pudding (V)
from Dhs. 8.00
Cauliflower Cheese (V)
from Dhs. 21.00
Roasted Parsnips
from Dhs. 20.00