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Setting the Table with Fine Diner

There's something about sitting at a table to enjoy a meal. It's just different. It makes the meal more enjoyable and the conversations more enthralling.

But then, something about setting the table is just downright confusing. Where does the fork go? The knife, which way should it face?

Yes, it is a world of confusion, but only because there are different settings.


Table Setting, What You Need to Know

 Afternoon Tea, Zaabel Park


Okay, so different occasions call for different table settings. Let's take a look at two similar but vibe-changing table setups:

  • Chilled Out
  • Feeling A Little Fancy

Oh, before we get started, remember this: a knife's blade always faces the plate!


The Chilled Out Table Setting

Setting the table
Think chilled out, wearing your favourite baggy jeans and messy hair. That's what this table setting calls for. It's you with your direct family and close friends. It's you being you.

Think of the word "FOX" but instead spelled "FOKS." Now let's break that word down from left to right. F is for Fork, which sits on the left. O is for the plate [rather the shape of the plate], which sits in the middle.

Next comes the letter K, and that's for the knife, which sits to the right of your plate. The letter S is your spoon, and that sits to the right of your knife.

You're almost done. All you're missing is your cup. And that always sits on top of the K and S [knife and spoon].

And that's your set for your casual friends and family meal! Oh, you could add a napkin to the plate or have a box of tissues on the table - that's your choice to make :)


The Feeling a Little Fancy Table Setting

Setting the table
This table setting is for when you want to take things up a notch, but not too much. It's to show you have some table flare when you want to get a little fancy.

Let's think of the word FOKS again. You'll need that basic setup but with just a little extra.

Set up your FOKS and cup on the table. Then it's time to introduce your bread plate, a bread knife, and maybe even a wine glass. If you look at your FOKS, you'll see that it's rather busy on the righthand side, and the left is pretty bare. Fill in the lefthand side by placing your bread plate on top of the fork and placing the bread knife over the plate.

Now, if you're adding in a wine glass, you'll need to think order. You'll normally drink water before your wine. So, your water glass will sit on top of your K and S [knife and spoon], and your wine glass is to the right of it.

For this table setting, you'll definitely need to introduce your napkin as well. It's up to you where you decide to place your napkin, but a personal preference is on the plate.

All you need now is the food... check out our menus here!

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