Yorkshire Burritos

A large Yorkshire Pudding Burrito stuffed with your favorite roast!

Restaurant Location

Al Barsha Heights, Arjan, Business Bay

Delivery Time

30 - 60 Mins

Opening Times

8AM - 11PM Everyday

Yorkshire Burritos

Yorkshire Chicken Burrito - Fine Diner
بريتو الدجاج اليوركشاير
from Dhs. 55.00
Yorkshire Lamb Burrito - Fine Diner
بريتو الخروف اليوركشاير
from Dhs. 59.00
Yorkshire Tenderloin Burrito - Fine Diner
بريتو العجل اليوركشاير
from Dhs. 64.00
Yorkshire Vegetarian Burrito - Fine Diner
بريتو الخضار يوركشاير
from Dhs. 49.00
Cauliflower Yorkshire Cheese Burrito - Fine Diner
Cauliflower Yorkshire Cheese Burrito
from Dhs. 49.00
Bangers & Mash Yorkshire Burrito - Fine Diner
Bangers & Mash Yorkshire Burrito
from Dhs. 55.00
Yorkshire Chips Burrito - Fine Diner
Yorkshire Chips Burrito
from Dhs. 29.00
Yorkshire Pulled Beef Burrito - Fine Diner
Yorkshire Pulled Beef Burrito
from Dhs. 64.00


Cauliflower Cheese (V) - Fine Diner
جبنة القرنبيط (نباتية)
from Dhs. 21.00
Macaronni and Cheese - Fine Diner
معكرونة بالجبنة
from Dhs. 23.00
Yorkshire Pudding (V) - Fine Diner
فطيرة يوركشاير (نباتية)
from Dhs. 8.00
Roasted Potatoes (V) - Fine Diner
بطاطس مشوية (نباتي)
from Dhs. 18.00
Roasted Carrots (V) - Fine Diner
جزر مشوي (نباتي)
from Dhs. 16.00
Mixed Roasted Vegetables - Fine Diner
خضروات مشوية مشكلة
from Dhs. 20.00
Fine Diner Mashed Potatoes (V) - Fine Diner
بطاطس مهروسة (نباتية)
from Dhs. 17.00
Stuffing Balls (V) - Fine Diner
كرات الحشو (نباتية)
from Dhs. 12.00
Green Peas (V) - Fine Diner
بازلاء خضراء (نباتي)
from Dhs. 13.00
Roasted Parsnips - Fine Diner
البارشنبس المشوي
from Dhs. 20.00
Loaded Mashed Potatoes - Fine Diner
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
from Dhs. 45.00

Gravy & Sauces

Fine Diner Gravy - Fine Diner
Fine Diner Gravy
from Dhs. 10.00
Fine Diner Vegetarian Gravy - Fine Diner
صلصة الغريفي النباتية
from Dhs. 10.00
Horseradish Sauce - Fine Diner
صلصة الهرسيراديش
Dhs. 15.00
Cranberry Sauce - Fine Diner
صلصة التوت البري
Dhs. 8.00
Mint Sauce - Fine Diner
صلصة النعناع
from Dhs. 8.00