Our Menus

Surf and Turf

We re-created a staple menu, the Surf and Turf menu! This menu is for the ones who like a little more jazz and character to their dinner.

It’s really got it all! Your first course can be meaty, fishy, or veggie. Your main is whatever you choose to make it, Jumbo Shrimps, Grilled Lobster, BBQ Beef Ribs, or even a Steak. It doesn’t end there, you get to choose your sides, be it corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, or something else that takes your fancy. And finally, you wrap it up with a Tirmisu or a Red Velvet Cake for dessert. We know, it’s perfect!

Italian Cuisine

The key to the perfect Italian dish is its simplicity. An authentic Italian dish contains 3 to 4 ingredients that blend harmoniously with herbs and spices. This menu was created to take our customers on an adventure through Italy, from Sicily to Rome, and through the many Italian villages exposing the culinary art of Italian cuisine.


Rio Grande do Sul

Cooking is more than just cooking, it’s a blend of ingredients, an art of mixing, and a passion for flavors. Brazilain steaks are a work of art, it’s the Churrasco style of cooking that makes it so unique. This old steak grilling tradition slowly flame grills the meat to expose its natural flavors.


Modern Indian food may sound like a made-up name. But, we’re pleased to say it is not. It’s a unique fusion between a restaurant’s style of cooking and a street food stall’s cooking style. It’s fun, friendly, casual, and leaves you anticipating the next bite, next flavor, and the next experience!