For Our Partners

What we fundamentally do is successfully create a second revenue stream for the restaurant or hotel, without the worry or stress.

We collaborate with the best chefs around town, which means they have an excellent team and top-of-the-line facility to prepare mouth-watering meals.

The chef and team are trained and experienced to handle any number of orders. The system Fine Diner has in place is that the kitchens will be functioning at their maximum capacity for a 2-hour period, which makes the delivery system and quality assurance easy to maintain.

We allow the kitchen ample time to prep for their dinner meals by taking our last order at 15.00 P.M. The chef and team then have four 40-minute timeslots to cook their meals. They start cooking the first meal at 17.50 P.M and finish cooking the last meal at 20.10 P.M.

If you’re interested in working with us to provide the perfect at-home dining experience, please email

For Customers

What we fundamentally do, is successfully give you a space to create the perfect at-home experience with a fine dining meal to end your night.

It’s never been so easy to organize a girly, at-home spa evening, guys gaming tournament, a romantic date night, or a pleasant family night in. We make sure that it all ends over a dining table of freshly cooked food and flowing conversations.

All we need from you is to pick your three-course menu, let us know where you want it delivered, and in which timeframe you’d like it delivered.

We create new menus every day to keep your taste-buds guessing for what’s to come next. We pair this with the promise that your food will be delivered at your doorstep exactly 16 minutes after the chef has packaged it. This is fine dining brought to your doorstep!

The Best Association You Can Get

We Take Orders

Based on our customer’s location, the Fine Diner App connects our customers to the nearest chef and their kitchen for the freshest food.

You Do Your Magic

We close our orders at 15.00 P.M, allowing our chefs enough time to create the perfect three-course meal.

We Deliver

After it’s been packaged, we take a maximum of 16 minutes to get it from the kitchen to our customer’s door.

You Enjoy The Food

Our customers get to enjoy a delicious freshly cooked meal while listening to a specially curated playlist to suit the occasion.