Our Story

Our journey began in late 2019 when three partners, Sami Elayan, Saed Elayan, and Zaid Azzouka, had a simple idea and decided to turn their vision to a reality.

At first, the concept was simple: To work with the best chefs around town to bring a fine dining experience home. But, when the partners put pen to paper, they realized the task at hand was a lot more complicated than expected.

Collaborating with our partnered chefs was step one, but the next steps would take on the shape of multiple learning curves.

Yes, the chefs were on board, but their food needed to be plated and done so perfectly. No ordinary packaging would suffice. The color, sturdiness, look, and feel of the packaging took a few tries to get it right. This was the first of many boxes – pun intended – to be ticked off.

Then came a different variable to consider: How do we ensure the quality of the food is never compromised? Countless ideas hit the whiteboard, and there were plenty of ideas that failed miserably when tested. It took some time to figure out, but the perfect solution came in the form of an insulated box and a logistics scheme that would mean the food is always only 16 minutes away.

The final stretch in piecing this fine dining puzzle was (and is) the customers. What do they think? What would they like? What would they prefer?

Now, we’re proud to say we’ve evolved based on our customers and their feedback, suggestions, and needs to complete the at-home fine dining experience.